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Proudly created by Minnienkitty.

Our Other Friends

Ayesha,Maryam and Sufyan are our best friends but we also have other friends like us.Their names are:
* Puppy
* Teddy
* Ricky and
* Tweety

Our New Best Friend:

We also made a new Friend who is very special and she is a girl.Her name is "FLUFFY".You can see her pics in Gallery.

Our Cousin:

Actually,we have our best friends which we made in our school but we have another best friend who is our cousin.We think that cousins are like friends too so that's why we made a new friend who is our cousin.He is a boy and his name is "JACKY".

Our Family members

All of you have a family like us and we have a sweet family too!

Minnie's Family

Kitty's Family 

Welcome to Minnienkitty!

Hi there!We are Minnie and Kitty.We are best friends.We are the pet toys of Ayesha, Maryam and  Sufyan.We love to play with them.They are very kind to us.We are very happy with them.They play everyday with us.We love ART and CRAFTS!!!We both have a family.For information about our family,see the"ABOUT"section.And don't forget to see our Gallery!



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